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Build A Collar Kit! Made to Order

$100.00 - $105.00 On Sale

Everything you'll need to make your own collar/necklace! Instruction video included!

Tools Included:
-Mini Mallet
-Rotary Blade/Equivalent Cutting Tool
-Rivets & Rivet Setter
-Hole Punch
-Small Leather Dye Sample (enough to dye your piece)
-Small Leather Dye Sealant (enough to seal your piece)
-Burnishing Cream & Slicker/Tool
-Saddle Butter Sample
-Huberd's Shoe Grease Sample
-Hardware (brass or nickel)
-New Vegetable Tanned Leather
-Half Round Punch
-Oblong Punch
-Wool Dobbers
-Setting Square/Cutting Mat

Please choose your color & hardware option below, along with including your neck measurement if possible. This helps me pack up the box with exactly what you'll need, so nothing is going to waste!