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Finger Flogger- Ready to Ship

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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Finger Flogger- Ready to Ship

-Nickel hardware
-Grey & Blue leather is repurposed from a damaged/unsellable hide from a leather tannery.
-Falls are about 12in

Every product is handmade & treated with lots of love before it reaches you, but needs your help to maintain its quality!

Use a slightly wet cloth and leather soap to create lather on surfaces. Let fully dry, by towel and then by air – NEVER heat. Then, apply leather conditioner. Use designated metal polish & soft cloth on hardware as needed. Clean & condition about once a month, depending on wear. If blood is to get on the spikes I would recommend cleaning with diluted alcohol.

Leather is an organic material and as such can host mold if not kept dry & clean. Avoid lengthy contact with water, alcohol solutions, heat, or rough/sharp objects that might scratch the surface.