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In a Bind- Made to Order

$240.00 - $250.00 On Sale

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Get this "In a Bind" binder cover/harness in any color and hardware you choose.

-This harness can handle minimal weight-bearing activities
-Measurements needed for this product: will reach out for specific measurements
-This is not an official binder.
-The front can be made adjustable (see pictures) at request. Otherwise it is made to measurement.
-Middle piece is about 5-6inches in width. Can be adjusted.

-As with all hand-dyed and handmade items, there may be minor variances.

-Leather colors: Each piece of leather is treated and dyed by hand (except for a few colors that are purchased drum-dyed), so there may be variances in color. At this time I offer the following color options: black, green, dark/medium/light brown, purple, rose, turquoise, white, and oxblood (red).

-Hardware: I offer two hardware color options of brass and nickel. Please be in contact about other hardware possibilities (e.g. silver) to accommodate metal allergies.

-Sizing: All products are made to order according to your measurements. Custom sizing means that I will take into account your given measurements and add a little wiggle room for adjustments. This way, you will be able to tighten or loosen up the adjustable parts of the product when you want to. There is no extra charge for this custom sizing.

Every product is handmade & treated with lots of love before it reaches you, but needs your help to maintain its quality!

Use a slightly wet cloth and leather soap to create lather on surfaces. Let fully dry, by towel and then by air – NEVER heat. Then, apply leather conditioner. Use designated metal polish & soft cloth on hardware as needed. Clean & condition about once a month, depending on wear.

Leather is an organic material and as such can host mold if not kept dry & clean. Avoid lengthy contact with water, alcohol solutions, heat, or rough/sharp objects that might scratch the surface.

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